AccessoryFiber Post

  Fiber Post 

  • The translucent white color is aesthetically pleasing and has good light transmission due to the inherent transparency
  • The high light transmittance allows it to be used together with dual resin cement
  • Improved bonding strength by silane treatment on the surface of the post
  • The tapered shape is easy to use in the root canal
  • Strong flexural strength and excellent compressive strength due to the fiber component(Higher tensile strength than metal)
  • Elasticity similar to the dentin of natural teeth
  • Excellent bio-friendly non-metal material - no risk of discoloration and corrosion
  • Simple removal and easy re-endo
  • Prevention of root fracture

Black R1 1.00mm
  • max diameter 1.05mm
  • min diameter 0.95mm
  • Length 18mm

Green R2 1.15mm
  • max diameter 1.2mm
  • min diameter 1.1mm
  • Length 18mm

Yellow R3 1.30mm
  • max diameter 1.4mm
  • min diameter 1.2mm
  • Length 18mm

Red R4 1.45mm
  • max diameter 1.55mm
  • min diameter 1.35mm
  • Length 18mm

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