Endo SystemMicro Suction

Micro Suction

Connection to the suction device

Instruction for Use

Remove the moisture from root canal inject the material

  1. With irrigation tip, irrigate the root canal
  2. Insert Capillary tip into root canal and during vacuuming move the tip back and forth You can see how to remove the solution from root canal.
  3. Check the inside of root canal if it is dried or not with paper point

❶ Endo Flexible Capillary Tip

Type : Straight, Curve  / Color : White, Black
Disposable tip constructed of bendable polypropylene
Universal luer-style design

[Use with/ for]

  • Luer Vacuum Adapter, for moisture removal from endodontic canals.
  • Use with 1.2ml or 5ml syringes Luer-Lock
  • Application of Calcium hydroxide pastes - Light cured, water-based or oil based
  • Application of flowable composites

❷ Micro Suction Holder

  • Type : Autoclavable , Non-Autoclavable
  • Color : Translucent

❸ Aluminum Suction Holder for saliva ejector

  • Total length : 89mm- Inner diameter : 4mm
  • Outside diameter : 6mm

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