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- Box/1kg x 20EA
- Plaster is developed for flask and study models featuring low expansion.
  Dental Plaster also brings excellent results for dentures.
  This white plaster was formulated for general purpose laboratory use and
  has been improved to provide a creamier mix consistency.
  Moreover, this is a specially formulated plaster which offers a low setting
  expansion and fast setting time. The low compressive strength of Dental
  Plaster allows for use of
- Flask operation in the production of denture
- Suitable for study model in preference to standard acrylic methods
- White plaster with excellent economical efficiency formulated for various
  purpose use in dental labs
Mixing time 1) Mech, Mixing at 350 ~ 450RPM : 20 ~ 30sec.
2) Manual (Hand Mix) : 30 ~60sec
Working Time 6min
Setting Time 10min.
Setting Expansion,% 0.20% max
Compressive Strength (Wet,at 1hrs.) 14Mpa(143Kgf / am²)
ompressive Strength (Dry, at 24hrs.) 28Mpa(286Kgf / am²)