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Catalyst 150g, Base 150g
- Making dentailed impressions
- Working time : 2min. Setting time : 3min 30 sec
- Low viscosity.
- Soft heavy viscosity.
- Addition curing vinylpolysiloxane with high thicotropy and hydrophilic
- Extra moistening ability.
- Very delicate reproduction without void and high dimensional stability.
1.Load the tray with the appropriate material
2.Seat the loaded tray in the mouth within the working time of each consistency Wait for set
3.After material has set, remove the impression and pour a model immediately.
- Store in a dry and cool place(12~25°)
- Shelf life : 2 years
1. Avoid surface contact or contamination with chemicals known to inhibit the set(e.g. Polysulfide impression materials,
   Eugenol materials, A crylates and Methacrylate residues, Latex rubber, and Sulfur compounds)
2. Care should be taken to avoid getting material on clothing.
3. Close tubs immediately after use, Do not invert lids, and dosing spoons.(Putty)
4. Do not use to patients who have rash on their skin, detmatitis or histories of hypersensitivity.