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- Base 300ml, Catalyst 300ml
- Making primary impression
- Working time : 1min. 30sec
- Setting Time : 3min
- Primary impression
- High viscosity type impression material
- Easy removal from undercuts
1.Take equal amounts of catalyst and base using the measuring spoons.
2.Knead with fingertips until color of mix is uniform.
3.Fill prepared tray
- Store in a dry and cool place(12~25°)
- Shelf life : 2 years after production date
1. Avoid surface contact or contamination with chemicals known to inhibit the set(e.g. Polysulfide impression materials,
   Eugenol materials, A crylates and Methacrylate residues, Latex rubber, and Sulfur compounds)
2. Care should be taken to avoid getting material on clothing.
3. Close tubs immediately after use, Do not invert lids, and dosing spoons.(Putty)
4. Do not use to patients who have rash on their skin, detmatitis or histories of hypersensitivity.
5. Sulphur-containing polymeric gloves may interfere with the setting reation of impression materials.