Zirconia BondingZirADD


Zirconia Roughness Enhancer

The basic principle of ZirADD

that can control powder particle size and viscosity

Apply ZirAddto the inner surface of zirconia prosthesis before sintering

After sintering, the remaining components exceptzirconia powder are volatilized, and zirconia powder adheres to the surface to increase surface roughness.

The basic principle of ZirADD

Volume : 10ml

Receptacle : Clear type container / Size : 21 x83mm

Color : Black color liquid

Component :

Distilled water, Nano-sized zirconia powder, Carbon powder,Dispersive agent, Binder, etc


❶ Safe and Easy
- Materials are safe, apply with brush

❷ No effect on the fit of the prosthesis even after application
- Small increase in surface thickness (3~4 micron)

❸ No effect on long-term stability and mechanical properties of the prosthesis
- Unlike conventional methods, it does not induce phase transition of zirconia

❹ Maximization of holding power by wide surface area

- Form Micro surface irregularity(roughness) not Macro surface irregularity(roughness)

❺ Easy to check

- Due to its unique black color, it is possible to easily check the area applied to the prosthesis with a naked eye, and the black color disappears after sintering

Apply ZirAdd before sintering

1. Remove foreigne substances from the inner surface of the zirconia prosthesis.

2. Shake the container 10 tomes to homogenize the sediment in the container before sue.

3. Use an dropper to reduse the amount used

4. Apply once without any gaps on the inner surface of the prosthesis using a brush
5. Sintering without drying process

Zirconia surface roughness  experiment t according to surface treatment method

ZirADD Surface Roughness

The increase in surface thickness is less than 1-2㎛

SEM photo of the cut surface after ZirADD application
Increased thickness of rough surface with single application (3-4㎛)

Zirconia bond strength test according the surface treatment method

ZirADD Bond Strength

In comparison of bonding strength between zirconia and resin cement according to the surface treatment method, the group to which ZirAdd was applied showed a 4~9 times higher than that of the control group.

The group to which Ziradd was applied showed the surface roughness value 2~6 times higher than the control group.

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