I Crown Primary Molar Crown

Stainless Steel Primary 
Molar Crown

Children deciduous preformed stainless steel crowns (referred children crown) is a preformed, and the teeth are very bonded stainless steel crowns.

Set in the deciduous teeth can protect and enhance the strength of the teeth, it is possible to ensure the healthy milk teeth permanent teeth being replaced.

Indications : 
  • Dental caries is difficult to obtain a wide range of resistance and  shape retention form.
  • Tooth neck caries cause cavity is no longer prepared gingival wall.
  • A plurality of dental caries.
  • Enamel hypoplasia and partial crown fractured teeth.
  • Caries activity strong, prone to secondary caries.
  • Clearance holder for retainers.

I Crowns are available in two convenient kits and as individual refills.


I Crown Half Kit 
1 crown of each size (Total 48 crowns)

I Crown Full Kit 
2 crown of each size (Total 96 crowns)


I Crown Refills

5 crowns of the same size
4 crowns of the same size
2 crowns of the same size

Satisfying quality combined with
much better value
for the price

 Ergonomic design keeps natural shape:
Precise anatomical structure and high surface gloss prevent food accumulation and have a natural tooth shape.
 Excellent strength and wear resistance :

I Crowns are built to last with their strong occlusal surfaces that resist abrasion and perforation. Pliable cervical areas make contouring and crimping easy

 Pre-trimmed and crimped for fast and easy placement :

Thanks to optimum size, arrived at after significant research,I Crowns require less trimming, contouring and crimping

There are six possible sizes for each deciduous molar providing a wide degree of choice to the clinician when it comes to selecting the appropriate restoration.

Primary Molar Crown

I Crown(Verbatim) / 3M(Numeric expression)

  • 1st Premolar : #4 or D
  • 2nd Premolar : #5 or E
  • U : Upper   L : Lower  /   R : Right  L : Left

ex1) DUL4 : Upper, 1st Premolar, Size 4 (64-#4)
ex2) ELR5 : Lowe, 2nd Premolar, Size 5 (85-#5)

I Crown Number Interoperability Table

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