DentiAnn Impression Saver

Impression Saver

Less Material Waste Easier to Control
Save Up to 70%

DentiAnn Impression Saver is an innovative system for working with any light body impression materials currently in use.
This system can save up to 70% of material waste in the Mixing tip. Save cost and control easier by using DentiAnn Impression Saver.

Saving Point 1.
All 50ml Cartridge can be connected
  • Can be used with all 50ml cartridge type light body impression materials
  • Slim size syringe makes easier access to the mouth
  • Dispenser makes less effort to use

Saving Point 2.
Innovative solution to save waste material in the mixing tip

Mixing Tip for Impression Saver
provides up to 70% less material waste

3D Instruction for Use 

❶ Fasten the 50ml cartridge to the Mixing gun.❷ Connect 50ml cartridge to Impression Saver connector.❸ Bleed a small amount of material from the cartridge onto mixing pad and discard.

(Note. until the base paste and catalyst flow out in an even)

❹ Connect Impression saver 6ml syringe to other side of connector.❺ Check both side of connector if the 50ml cartridge and 6ml syringe are correctly connected.❻ Press the cartridge mixing gun and transfer the impression material to the 6ml syringe.
❼ Fasten the filled 6ml syringe to the syringe mixing gun.❽ Bleed a small amount of material from the syringe onto mixing pad and discard.❾ Connect mixing tip and syringe material around prepared tooth.

❿ Remove the mixing tip and close the cap after use if impression material is left, and store the syringe on a blister or dedicated cradle. 
  • Note1. Make sure that the mixing tip does not cross the direction of the catalyst and the base
  • Note2. ● Marked side should facing up, w hen fasten to the mixing gun.

Impression Saver Starter Kit

5 x Syringes

10 x Connectors

100 x Mixing Tips

Impression Saver Economic Syringe Pack
20 Syringes

Connector for Impression Saver Mixing Tip for Impression Saver

10 x Connectors
20 x Connectors

50 Mixing Tips
100 Mixing Tips

Mixing Gun
Cradle for 6ml Syringe

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