Dr.Perox Tablet

Dr.Perox Tablet


  • Cuspidor Bowl Cleaning
  • Suction Line Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning
  • sterilization & Disinfecting
  • Rapid Deodorizing

Excellent effect of sterilization and deodorizing the central clinic unit and all related equipment such as the cuspidor bowls and chair filters

  • Sterilization and deodorizing cleaning agent
Intended use

① Sterilization and cleaning of the central clinic unit and all related components
② Chair filter sterilization and cleaning

  • 4g x 10EA

① Removal of encrusted residues and stains
② Deodorization of foul odors
③ The removal of various fungi and bacteria
④ The prevention of corrosion in medical devices

  • Very effective in sterilization and deodorizing without causing harmful fumes or gases in tablet form, which is also an eco-friendly sterilizers through the use of hydrogen peroxide
  • Simply place the product in the dental drain (Installation is not required)

Sludge decomposition and removal, antibacterial and deodorizing effects with long lasting action.

  • Removal of blockage and odors caused by blood, dregs and pus caused by patients gargling
  • Dissolves the hardened protein lumps on the walls of wastewater receptacle, removing germs and odors

Usage and Capacity
  • Cuspidor bowl : 1 tablet in the first two weeks of use, then 1 tablet a one month after the initial two weeks
  • Chair Filters : 1 tablet for each chair suction filter a month, drastic results after three weeks of usage

* Usage frequency can vary with water usage volume and level of contamination

Dental Test Results

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